Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept insurance reimbursement?

We do not participate with any insurance companies at this time. Working out of network with insurance companies allows us to serve you with the top quality care that we were trained to offer without the restrictions that insurance companies often place on therapy.

We can provide you with a superbill at your request so that you can submit it to your insurance company for potential reimbursement.

We accept the Gardiner Scholarship. For more information regarding this scholarship, check out:

What are your treatment and evaluation rates? 

Please contact our office at 954-637-3270 or for more information regarding our rates. Evaluation and treatment sessions vary in duration and frequency and are highly individualized to best support your child’s needs.

Where can you provide services?

We offer therapy services in our Coral Springs office and in homes within a close vicinity to the office. Home therapy is dependent on availability in schedule, including travel time, and is subject to additional fees.

How can I get my child started in speech therapy?

Please contact us for a free consultation via phone or office visit.  Once we determine that our services are a good fit for your child, you will receive our online intake packet. Once the intake packet is completed, you will be able to schedule an evaluation. If skilled speech therapy is recommended at the time of the evaluation, your clinician will determine the frequency and duration of sessions (ex: twice per week for 30 minute sessions).  

What if my child was recently evaluated by another Speech-Language Pathologist?

We honor speech and language evaluations if they were conducted by a state-licensed, ASHA-certified Speech-Language Pathologist within the last 6 months, if the results are still accurately representative of your child’s current performance. If prior testing is outdated, testing instruments were outdated, or if testing was not comprehensive enough, further assessment may be required by our Speech-Language Pathologists.

 What types of services do you provide?

Check out our services by clicking here.