"Make it Work" Monday

Oh, Monday... for some odd reason, coffee has zero effect on me today. Strange.

This week's "Make it Work" Monday was made possible by a little friend who decided that he was having a "been there, done that" day with my materials closet. This was until he spotted the still-plastic-wrapped box of  "Wash My Underpants" (a game found in the endless Narnia-like 'fun finds' section of Target). 


There are so many different uses for this material! Besides playing the game in it's traditional sense, you can match pairs of underwear, identify and label concepts like "same vs different", "colors", practice quantitative concepts (such as "more"/"most"), label object function, follow simple and complex commands, practice those core words ("put in", "take out", "clean", "dirty"), use descriptors, take turns...the list goes on and on and on!

...AND he had fun. #winning

Until next time :)




As clinicians, one of our skills lies in creating and facilitating goals for our kiddos.  These goals put our therapy into motion and serve as the basis for our target activities.  During my (very brief) "Spring Break" this week, I've spent time thinking about my own personal and professional goals.  I want to share my experiences in this wonderful, dynamic, hustle-and-bustle little field of mine and give colleagues, kiddos, and their families the support and resources they all truly deserve! 

So, here it goes... my first little speech blog.  

I hope it brings a little something extra to your day :)