better hearing and speech month

Better Hearing and Speech Month

Happy Monday, everyone!

Ah yes...moving. Such a simple concept, with an oh-so-hectic execution.  I have admittedly neglected by new baby blog to pack boxes, lift furniture, and clean...there was so much cleaning...

What better day to start my informational posts than the first day of Better Hearing and Speech month?! Right? I thought so, too. 

I LOVE MY PROFESSION! This is the time of the year that I enjoy spreading some fun Speech facts to co-workers, teachers, families, and other professionals. If I had a penny for every time someone has asked me what a "Speech Pathologist" is, I would be able to retire (very) early and spend my days blogging on the beach.  Many people are shocked by the wide scope of our beautiful, dynamic profession. I have lots of fun activities planned to bring awareness to our profession throughout the month of May.  I have decided to focus on 4 topics throughout this year's BHSM:

Week 1: Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Week 2: Collaboration Among Disciplines

Week 3: Speech and Language 

Week 4: Hearing and Vocal Hygiene

Below is an example of a weekly activity list that can be adapted to suit your weekly topic(s):