"Make It Work" Monday - January 8, 2018

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the very first "Make it Work" Monday of the new year! This is for those moments when you get stuck in traffic on the way to see a client or you're at the office and you've spent so much time talking to a parent or coworker that you barely have time to "prepare" for your next session! 

This is also for those moments where you have planned out the "perfect" lesson, giving each activity a purpose, pouring all of your heart and soul into it....only to hear your kiddo say, "no", or "I don't want to do that!"

Let's face it, we've ALL been there!

I always tell graduate student clinicians during their externships that it is not about "finding" the perfect activity. It's about being FLEXIBLE! If your kiddo doesn't want to play Honey Bee Tree, quickly chuck it and grab something else! If the kiddos aren't having fun, chances are they're probably not paying attention to what you're trying to teach them anyways.

Another KEY point that I try to make to graduate students and fresh SLPs is that our planning and focus should be heavily based in the evidence-based instructional strategies more so than the activity itself. (i.e. If you're working on the Cycles approach with kiddo who has a phonological disorder, your planning time is better spent on coming up with a good set of target words FIRST, and activity second).

Today was one of those days for me! I found myself rushing around (as usual) and just grabbed the first few items I could reach in my trunk.

This included Mindware KEVA Contraptions:


BOY OH BOY are my kiddos obsessed with this game. Why? There is SO much versatility (and they get to knock it all down like Godzilla when we're finished). Last week, I worked on core vocab words with an AAC kiddo ("put on", "up", "take off", "stop", "go", "my turn", "your turn", "watch", etc. Today, I worked on speech intelligibility with a younger child. I'll probably use this to model bumpy and smooth speech this week as well (you can make a straight ramp and a zig-zag one!)

You're given a set of wooden blocks and 2 balls. The box comes with a book that shows you a variety of ways to set it up, but honestly I'm one of those people that throws away the instruction manual, so we just went on the fly.  At one point, we even stopped using the balls it came with and just built castles and houses and we used our little animal figurines for play. I'm telling you, this is a keeper!

Have a fabulous remainder of your Monday!


(As a disclosure, I am not paid to endorse any specific products. These are just some items that I've found fun and useful.)