AAC Core Vocab for Sept 2017

Now that I have a few more AAC kiddos on my caseload, I have decided to piggyback off of the AAC Crash Course Handout (see prior blog post) and create AAC Core Vocabulary Words for the month of September.

I am so grateful to have a team of teachers and parents that are SO involved in the use of aided language input and the success of these AAC users. I have a mix of emergent and context-dependent users this year.  To ease the transition of classroom accommodations and learning strategies, I had to make it a little easier give some context to exactly what I was asking of our team members... *enter Core Words of the month*! 

I have chosen certain core words to suit the needs of my kiddos, but you can mix and match with some of your own word choices. 


AAC Core Vocabulary Words - September 2017